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Growing the Economy Through Global Warming Solutions

Global warming is one of the most urgent problems of our time. The good news is that many of the solutions to this extraordinary problem are within reach. Many of the solutions to global warming are not only feasible, they are economically and socially beneficial. Growing the Economy through Global Warming Solutions is a series of papers written by experts in the fields of economics, public policy, energy policy, architecture, insurance, investment and transportation.

It details the solutions that can be taken off the shelf today to curtail global warming, the governance models needed to encourage such a transition, and the economic benefits of doing so. While there is no single silver bullet for addressing global warming, there are a wide variety of solutions that, taken together, will lead to a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, the key to stopping global warming. These promising solutions must be phased in as we phase out our outmoded reliance on foreign oil and coal.

The series sets out important next steps that can and should be taken in the near and medium term to ensure that we do everything possible to address the challenges of global warming. By taking these steps as soon as possible, we not only will minimize the grave risks of global warming, we will position the United States as the leader in the clean industries and technologies that are emerging as the key growth engine of the Twenty-First Century.